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0.3. Related Books

O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. publishes an entire series of books on Java programming. These books include Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell and Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, which, as mentioned earlier, are companions to this book.

A related reference work is the Java Power Reference. It is an electronic Java quick reference on CD-ROM that uses the Java in a Nutshell style. But since it is designed for viewing in a web browser, it is fully hyperlinked and includes a powerful search engine. It is wider in scope but narrower in depth than the Java in a Nutshell books. The Java Power Reference covers all the APIs of the Java 2 platform, plus the APIs of many standard extensions. But it does not include tutorial chapters on the various APIs, nor does it include descriptions of the individual classes.

You can find a complete list of Java books from O'Reilly & Associates at http://java.oreilly.com/. Books that focus on the core Java APIs, as this one does, include:

Exploring Java, by Pat Niemeyer and Joshua Peck

A comprehensive tutorial introduction to Java, with an emphasis on client-side Java programming.

Java Threads, by Scott Oaks and Henry Wong

Java makes multithreaded programming easy, but doing it right can still be tricky. This book explains everything you need to know.

Java I/O, by Elliotte Rusty Harold

Java's stream-based input/output architecture is a thing of beauty. This book covers it in the detail it deserves.

Java Network Programming, by Elliotte Rusty Harold

This book documents the Java networking APIs in detail.

Java Security, by Scott Oaks

This book explains the Java access-control mechanisms in detail and also documents the authentication mechanisms of digital signatures and message digests.

Java Cryptography, by Jonathan Knudsen

Thorough coverage of the Java Cryptography Extension, the javax.crypto.* packages, and everything you need to know about cryptography in Java.

Developing Java Beans, by Robert Englander

A complete guide to writing components that work with the JavaBeans API.

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