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0.7. Acknowledgments

This book is an outgrowth of the best-selling Java in a Nutshell. I'd like to thank all the readers who made that book a success and who wrote in with comments, suggestions, and praise.

The editor of this book, and of Java in a Nutshell before it, was Paula Ferguson. As usual, she's done a great job of keeping me on topic and made her best effort to keep me on schedule! Her careful and thoughtful editing has made this book a better one. Thanks, Paula.

This book had a number of high-powered technical reviewers. Jeanette Hung, of Sun Microsystems; Doug Felt and John Raley, both of IBM; and Jonathan Knudsen, author of O'Reilly's Java 2D Graphics, reviewed the Java 2D class descriptions. Jonathan also reviewed the Java 2D-related chapters. Marc Loy, coauthor of O'Reilly's Java Swing and course developer and technical trainer at Galileo Systems, LLC, reviewed all of the Swing-related material. This book is made much stronger by the valuable contributions of these reviewers. I alone must take responsibility for any errors that remain, of course.

The O'Reilly & Associates production team has done its usual fine work of creating a book out of the electronic files I submit. My thanks to them all. And a special thanks to Lenny Muellner and Chris Maden, who worked overtime to implement the new and improved format of the quick-reference section.

Finally, as always, my thanks and love to my partner Christie.

        David Flanagan     
        June 1999

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