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0.2. Related Books

O'Reilly & Associates publishes an entire series of books on Java programming. These books include Java in a Nutshell and Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell, which, as mentioned above, are companions to this book.

A related reference work is the Java Power Reference. It is an electronic Java quick-reference on CD-ROM that uses the Java in a Nutshell style. But since it is designed for viewing in a web browser, it is fully hyperlinked and includes a powerful search engine. It is wider in scope but narrower in depth than the Java in a Nutshell books. Java Power Reference covers all the APIs of the Java 2 platform, plus the APIs of many standard extensions. But it does not include tutorial chapters on the various APIs, nor does it include descriptions of the individual classes.

You can find a complete list of O'Reilly's Java books at http://java.oreilly.com. Books of particular interest to enterprise programmers include the following:

Java Servlet Programming, by Jason Hunter with William Crawford

A guide to writing servlets that covers dynamic web content, maintaining state information, session tracking, database connectivity using JDBC, and applet-servlet communication.

Java Distributed Computing, by Jim Farley

A programmer's guide to writing distributed applications with Java.

Database Programming with JDBC and Java, by George Reese

An advanced tutorial on JDBC that presents a robust model for developing Java database programs.

Enterprise JavaBeans, by Richard Monson-Haefel

A thorough introduction to EJB for the enterprise software developer.

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