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0.7. Acknowledgments

While there is only one name on the cover of this book, the credit for its development and delivery is shared by many individuals. Michael Loukides, my editor, was pivotal to the success of this book. Without his experience, craft, and guidance, this book would not have been possible.

Many expert technical reviewers helped ensure that the material was technically accurate and true to the spirit of Enterprise JavaBeans. At the top of the list is Tim Rohaly of jGuru.com, whose contributions as a technical reviewer were critical to the success of the second edition. Of special note are Sriram Srinivasan of BEA, Anne Thomas of the Patricia Seybold Group, and Ian McCallion of IBM Hursley. They contributed greatly to my understanding of component transaction monitors and EJB design philosophies. Special thanks also go to Jim Farley, author of Java™ Distributed Computing (O'Reilly, 1998), James D. Frentress of ITM Corp., Andrzej Jan Taramina of Accredo Systems, Marc Loy, co-author of Java™ Swing (O'Reilly, 1998), Don Weiss of Step 1, Mike Slinn of The Dialog Corporation, and Kevin Dick of Kevin Dick & Associates. The contributions of these technical experts were critical to the technical and conceptual accuracy of this book. They brought a combination of industry and real-world experience to bear, and helped to make this the best book on Enterprise JavaBeans published today.

Several other individuals have made contributions that helped to make this book worthy of an O'Reilly publication. Maggie Mezquita, Greg Hartzel, and Jon Jamsa of BORN Information Services, and John Klug of Gelco all contributed to the first edition of this book. They helped me to refine the content so that it was more focused and understandable.

Thanks also to Vlad Matena of Sun Microsystems, the primary architect of Enterprise JavaBeans, who answered several of my most complex questions. Thanks to all the participants in the EJB-INTEREST mailing list hosted by Sun Microsystems for their interesting and sometimes controversial, but always informative, postings.

Finally, the most sincere gratitude must be extended to my wife, Hollie, for supporting and assisting me through two years of painstaking research and writing which were required to produce two editions of this book. Without her unfailing support and love, this book would not have been completed.

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