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D.6. Looking Ahead to EJB 2.0

Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0 is likely to be the next release of the EJB specification, which we can expect to be finalized some time after the year 2000. It will include the definition of a connector interface that will allow legacy and ERP systems to be accessed by beans through resource factories. The Java Messaging Service will be integrated into the EJB architecture, which will probably require the creation of a new bean type or modification of the stateless session type. The definition of a standard object-to-relational mapping interface is possible, although this may not be included because of the difficulty in defining a standard. IIOP, the CORBA distributed object protocol, will be required for interoperability. Finally, a container interface or EJB Service-Provider Interface (SPI) will be defined that will allow containers and EJB servers to be more clearly delineated and therefore inter changeable.

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