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B.4. Other Key CORBA Services

In addition to the Naming, Event, and Security services that we discussed here, the CORBA Services Specification defines several other services, including:

Persistent object services

Services for generating, retrieving, and maintaining persistent object states. This service is intended to be an interface between CORBA applications and object databases or other persistent object technologies.

Transaction service

A service that supports issuing transactions across a distributed system. A transaction can be as simple or complex as needed, from a single remote-object request to a collection of multiple requests among many distributed objects. The side effects of all the requests comprising a transaction are not realized until the transaction is completed and committed. This service is similar in nature and scope to the JavaSpaces API, discussed in Appendix C, "JavaSpaces".

Query service

This service has similar goals to JDBC. It provides an interface for querying and modifying collections of objects, including selecting, updating, inserting, or deleting objects from these collections. The most obvious implementation for this service would be an interface between CORBA applications and SQL-based relational databases or object databases.

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