E.100. Release 6.4.1

Release date: 1998-12-18

This is basically a cleanup release for 6.4. We have fixed a variety of problems reported by 6.4 users.

E.100.1. Migration to Version 6.4.1

A dump/restore is not required for those running 6.4.

E.100.2. Changes

Add pg_dump -N flag to force double quotes around identifiers. This is the default(Thomas) Fix for NOT in where clause causing crash(Bruce) EXPLAIN VERBOSE coredump fix(Vadim) Fix shared-library problems on Linux Fix test for table existence to allow mixed-case and whitespace in the table name(Thomas) Fix a couple of pg_dump bugs Configure matches template/.similar entries better(Tom) Change builtin function names from SPI_* to spi_* OR WHERE clause fix(Vadim) Fixes for mixed-case table names(Billy) contrib/linux/postgres.init.csh/sh fix(Thomas) libpq memory overrun fix SunOS fixes(Tom) Change exp() behavior to generate error on underflow(Thomas) pg_dump fixes for memory leak, inheritance constraints, layout change update pgaccess to 0.93 Fix prototype for 64-bit platforms Multibyte fixes(Tatsuo) New ecpg man page Fix memory overruns(Tatsuo) Fix for lo_import() crash(Bruce) Better search for install program(Tom) Timezone fixes(Tom) HP-UX fixes(Tom) Use implicit type coercion for matching DEFAULT values(Thomas) Add routines to help with single-byte (internal) character type(Thomas) Compilation of libpq for Windows fixes(Magnus) Upgrade to PyGreSQL 2.2(D'Arcy)