E.103. Release 6.3.1

Release date: 1998-03-23


A dump/restore is NOT required for those running 6.3. A make distclean , make , and make install is all that is required. This last step should be performed while the postmaster is not running. You should re-link any custom applications that use PostgreSQL libraries.

For upgrades from pre-6.3 installations, refer to the installation and migration instructions for version 6.3.

E.103.1. Changes

ecpg cleanup/fixes, now version 1.1(Michael Meskes) pg_user cleanup(Bruce) large object fix for pg_dump and tclsh (alvin) LIKE fix for multiple adjacent underscores fix for redefining builtin functions(Thomas) ultrix4 cleanup upgrade to pg_access 0.83 updated CLUSTER manual page multibyte character set support, see doc/README.mb(Tatsuo) configure --with-pgport fix pg_ident fix big-endian fix for backend communications(Kataoka) SUBSTR() and substring() fix(Jan) several jdbc fixes(Peter) libpgtcl improvements, see libptcl/README(Randy Kunkee) Fix for "Datasize = 0" error(Vadim) Prevent \do from wrapping(Bruce) Remove duplicate Russian character set entries Sunos4 cleanup Allow optional TABLE key word in LOCK and SELECT INTO(Thomas) CREATE SEQUENCE options to allow a negative integer(Thomas) Add "PASSWORD" as an allowed column identifier(Thomas) Add checks for UNION target fields(Bruce) Fix Alpha port(Dwayne Bailey) Fix for text arrays containing quotes(Doug Gibson) Solaris compile fix(Albert Chin-A-Young) Better identify tcl and tk libs and includes(Bruce)