E.113. Release 1.0

Release date: 1995-09-05

E.113.1. Changes

Copyright change: * The copyright of Postgres 1.0 has been loosened to be freely modifiable and modifiable for any purpose. Please read the COPYRIGHT file. Thanks to Professor Michael Stonebraker for making this possible. Incompatibilities: * date formats have to be MM-DD-YYYY (or DD-MM-YYYY if you're using EUROPEAN STYLE). This follows SQL-92 specs. * "delimiters" is now a key word Enhancements: * sql LIKE syntax has been added * copy command now takes an optional USING DELIMITER specification. delimiters can be any single-character string. * IRIX 5.3 port has been added. Thanks to Paul Walmsley and others. * updated pg_dump to work with new libpq * \d has been added psql Thanks to Keith Parks * regexp performance for architectures that use POSIX regex has been improved due to caching of precompiled patterns. Thanks to Alistair Crooks * a new version of libpq++ Thanks to William Wanders Bug fixes: * arbitrary userids can be specified in the createuser script * \c to connect to other databases in psql now works. * bad pg_proc entry for float4inc() is fixed * users with usecreatedb field set can now create databases without having to be usesuper * remove access control entries when the entry no longer has any privileges * fixed non-portable datetimes implementation * added kerberos flags to the src/backend/Makefile * libpq now works with kerberos * typographic errors in the user manual have been corrected. * btrees with multiple index never worked, now we tell you they don't work when you try to use them