29.15. LDAP Lookup of Connection Parameters

If libpq has been compiled with LDAP support (option --with-ldap for configure ) it is possible to retrieve connection options like host or dbname via LDAP from a central server. The advantage is that if the connection parameters for a database change, the connection information doesn't have to be updated on all client machines.

LDAP connection parameter lookup uses the connection service file pg_service.conf (see Section 29.14 ). A line in a pg_service.conf stanza that starts with ldap:// will be recognized as an LDAP URL and an LDAP query will be performed. The result must be a list of keyword = value pairs which will be used to set connection options. The URL must conform to RFC 1959 and be of the form

ldap://[ hostname [: port ]]/ search_base ? attribute ? search_scope ? filter

where hostname defaults to localhost and port defaults to 389.

Processing of pg_service.conf is terminated after a successful LDAP lookup, but is continued if the LDAP server cannot be contacted. This is to provide a fallback with further LDAP URL lines that point to different LDAP servers, classical keyword = value pairs, or default connection options. If you would rather get an error message in this case, add a syntactically incorrect line after the LDAP URL.

A sample LDAP entry that has been created with the LDIF file

version:1 dn:cn=mydatabase,dc=mycompany,dc=com changetype:add objectclass:top objectclass:groupOfUniqueNames cn:mydatabase uniqueMember:host=dbserver.mycompany.com uniqueMember:port=5439 uniqueMember:dbname=mydb uniqueMember:user=mydb_user uniqueMember:sslmode=require

might be queried with the following LDAP URL: