32.43. usage_privileges

The view usage_privileges is meant to identify USAGE privileges granted on various kinds of objects to a currently enabled role or by a currently enabled role. In PostgreSQL , this currently only applies to domains, and since domains do not have real privileges in PostgreSQL , this view shows implicit USAGE privileges granted to PUBLIC for all domains. In the future, this view may contain more useful information.

Table 32-41. usage_privileges Columns

Name Data Type Description
grantor sql_identifier Currently set to the name of the owner of the object
grantee sql_identifier Currently always PUBLIC
object_catalog sql_identifier Name of the database containing the object (always the current database)
object_schema sql_identifier Name of the schema containing the object
object_name sql_identifier Name of the object
object_type character_data Currently always DOMAIN
privilege_type character_data Always USAGE
is_grantable character_data Currently always NO