Tree, List and Icon Grid Widgets

Tree and List Widget Overview - Overview of GtkTreeModel, GtkTreeView, and other associated widgets
GtkTreeModel - The tree interface used by GtkTreeView
GtkTreeSelection - The selection object for GtkTreeView
GtkTreeViewColumn - A visible column in a GtkTreeView widget
GtkTreeView - A widget for displaying both trees and lists
GtkTreeView drag-and-drop - Interfaces for drag-and-drop support in GtkTreeView
GtkCellView - A widget displaying a single row of a GtkTreeModel
GtkIconView - A widget which displays a list of icons in a grid
GtkTreeSortable - The interface for sortable models used by GtkTreeView
GtkTreeModelSort - A GtkTreeModel which makes an underlying tree model sortable
GtkTreeModelFilter - A GtkTreeModel which hides parts of an underlying tree model
GtkCellLayout - An interface for packing cells
GtkCellRenderer - An object for rendering a single cell on a GdkDrawable
GtkCellEditable - Interface for widgets which can are used for editing cells
GtkCellRendererCombo - Renders a combobox in a cell
GtkCellRendererPixbuf - Renders a pixbuf in a cell
GtkCellRendererProgress - Renders numbers as progress bars
GtkCellRendererText - Renders text in a cell
GtkCellRendererToggle - Renders a toggle button in a cell
GtkListStore - A list-like data structure that can be used with the GtkTreeView
GtkTreeStore - A tree-like data structure that can be used with the GtkTreeView