Selectors (File/Font/Color/Input Devices)

GtkColorButton - A button to launch a color selection dialog
GtkColorSelection - A widget used to select a color
GtkColorSelectionDialog - A standard dialog box for selecting a color
GtkFileSelection - Prompt the user for a file or directory name
GtkFileChooser - File chooser interface used by GtkFileChooserWidget and GtkFileChooserDialog
GtkFileChooserButton - A button to launch a file selection dialog
GtkFileChooserDialog - A file chooser dialog, suitable for "File/Open" or "File/Save" commands
GtkFileChooserWidget - File chooser widget that can be embedded in other widgets
GtkFileFilter - A filter for selecting a file subset
GtkFontButton - A button to launch a font selection dialog
GtkFontSelection - A widget for selecting fonts
GtkFontSelectionDialog - A dialog box for selecting fonts
GtkInputDialog - Configure devices for the XInput extension