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(PECL apd:0.2-1.0.1)

apd_breakpoint — Stops the interpreter and waits on a CR from the socket


bool apd_breakpoint ( int $debug_level )

This can be used to stop the running of your script, and await responses on the connected socket. To step the program, just send enter (a blank line), or enter a php command to be executed.



An integer which is formed by adding together the XXX_TRACE constants.

It is not recommended to use MEMORY_TRACE. It is very slow and does not appear to be accurate. ASSIGNMENT_TRACE is not implemented yet.

To turn on all functional traces (TIMING, FUNCTIONS, ARGS SUMMARY (like strace -c)) use the value 99

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.


Example#1 Typical session using tcplisten

bash#tcplisten localhost 7777 APD - Advanced PHP Debugger Trace File --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Process Pid (6118) Trace Begun at Sun Mar 10 23:13:12 2002 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( 0.000000): apd_set_session_trace called at /home/alan/Projects/project2/test. php:5 ( 0.074824): apd_set_session_trace_socket() at /home/alan/Projects/project2/tes t.php:5 returned. Elapsed (0.074824) ( 0.074918): apd_breakpoint() /home/alan/Projects/project2/test.php:7 ++ argv[0] $(??) = 9 apd_breakpoint() at /home/alan/Projects/project2/test.php:7 returned. Elapsed ( -2089521468.1073275368) >\n statement: /home/alan/Projects/project2/test.php:8 >\n statement: /home/alan/Projects/project2/test.php:8 >\n statement: /home/alan/Projects/project2/test.php:10 >apd_echo($i); EXEC: apd_echo($i); 0 >apd_echo(serialize(apd_get_active_symbols())); EXEC: apd_echo(serialize(apd_get_active_symbols())); a:47:{i:0;s:4:"PWD";i:1;s:10:"COLORFGBG";i:2;s:11:"XAUTHORITY";i:3;s:14:" COLORTERM_BCE";i:4;s:9:"WINDOWID";i:5;s:14:"ETERM_VERSION";i:6;s:16:"SE SSION_MANAGER";i:7;s:4:"PS1";i:8;s:11:"GDMSESSION";i:9;s:5:"USER";i:10;s:5:" MAIL";i:11;s:7:"OLDPWD";i:12;s:5:"LANG";i:13;s:10:"COLORTERM";i:14;s:8:"DISP LAY";i:15;s:8:"LOGNAME";i:16;s:6:" >apd_echo(system('ls /home/mydir')); ........ >apd_continue(0);

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