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Managing Serviceguard Fifteenth Edition > Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Your Cluster

Replacing I/O Cards


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Replacing SCSI Host Bus Adapters

After a SCSI Host Bus Adapter (HBA) card failure, you can replace the card using the following steps.

Normally disconnecting any portion of the SCSI bus will leave the SCSI bus in an unterminated state, which will cause I/O errors for other nodes connected to that SCSI bus, so the cluster would need to be halted before disconnecting any portion of the SCSI bus. However, it is not necessary to bring the cluster down to do this if you are using a SCSI configuration that allows disconnection of a portion of the SCSI bus without losing termination.

SCSI bus configurations using SCSI inline terminators or Y cables at each node, or using a SCSI device which auto-terminates its ports when disconnected (such as the MSA30 MI), can allow online repair.

  1. Halt the node. You can use Serviceguard Manager to do this, or use the cmhaltnode command. Packages should fail over normally to other nodes.

  2. Remove the SCSI cable from the card.

  3. Remove the defective SCSI card.

  4. Install the new SCSI card. The new card must be exactly the same card type, and it must be installed in the same slot as the card you removed. You must set the SCSI ID for the new card to be the same as the card it is replacing.

  5. Attach the new SCSI card.

  6. Add the node back into the cluster. You can use Serviceguard Manager to do this, or use the cmrunnode command.

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