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Managing Serviceguard Fifteenth Edition > Chapter 7 Cluster and Package Maintenance

Responding to Cluster Events


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Serviceguard does not require much ongoing system administration intervention. As long as there are no failures, your cluster will be monitored and protected. In the event of a failure, those packages that you have designated to be transferred to another node will be transferred automatically. Your ongoing responsibility as the system administrator will be to monitor the cluster and determine if a transfer of package has occurred. If a transfer has occurred, you have to determine the cause and take corrective actions.

The Event Monitoring Service and its HA monitors can provide monitoring for disks, LAN cards, and some system events. Refer to the manual Using HA Monitors for more information.

The typical corrective actions to take in the event of a transfer of package include:

  • Determining when a transfer has occurred.

  • Determining the cause of a transfer.

  • Repairing any hardware failures.

  • Correcting any software problems.

  • Restarting nodes.

  • Transferring packages back to their original nodes.

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