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Managing Serviceguard Fifteenth Edition > Chapter 6 Configuring Packages and Their Services

Configuring Veritas System Multi-node Packages


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There are two system multi-node packages that regulate Veritas Cluster Volume Manager (CVM) and Cluster File System (CFS). These packages ship with the Serviceguard product. There are two versions of the package files: VxVM-CVM-pkg for CVM Version 3.5, and SG-CFS-pkg for CFS/CVM Version 4.1 and later.

NOTE: Check the Serviceguard, SGeRAC, and SMS Compatibility and Feature Matrix and the latest Release Notes for your version of Serviceguard for up-to-date information on support for CVM and CFS: http://www.docs.hp.com -> High Availability -> Serviceguard.

The SG-CFS-pkg for CVM Version 4.1 and later has the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain Veritas configuration files /etc/llttab, /etc/llthosts, /etc/gabtab

  • Launch required services: cmvxd, cmvxpingd, vxfsckd

  • Start/halt Veritas processes in the proper order: llt, gab, vxfen, odm, cvm, cfs

CAUTION: Serviceguard manages Veritas processes, specifically gab and LLT, through system multi-node packages. As a result, the Veritas administration commands such as gabconfig, llthosts, and lltconfig should only be used in the display mode, such as gabconfig -a. You could crash nodes or the entire cluster if you use Veritas commands such as the gab* or llt* commands to configure these components or affect their runtime behavior.

For CVM, use the cmapplyconf command to add the system multi-node packages to your cluster. If you are using the Veritas Cluster File System, use the cfscluster command to activate and halt the system multi-node package in your cluster.

NOTE: Do not create or modify these packages by editing a configuration file. Never edit their control script files.

The CFS admin commands are listed in Appendix A.

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