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Managing Serviceguard Fifteenth Edition > Chapter 2 Understanding Serviceguard Hardware Configurations

Redundant Power Supplies


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You can extend the availability of your hardware by providing battery backup to your nodes and disks. HP-supported uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), such as HP PowerTrust, can provide this protection from momentary power loss.

Disks should be attached to power circuits in such a way that mirror copies are attached to different power sources. The boot disk should be powered from the same circuit as its corresponding node.

In particular, the cluster lock disk (used as a tie-breaker when re-forming a cluster) should have a redundant power supply, or else it can be powered from a supply other than that used by the nodes in the cluster. Your HP representative can provide more details about the layout of power supplies, disks, and LAN hardware for clusters.

Many current disk arrays and other racked systems contain multiple power inputs, which should be deployed so that the different power inputs on the device are connected to separate power circuits. Devices with two or three power inputs generally can continue to operate normally if no more than one of the power circuits has failed. Therefore, if all of the hardware in the cluster has 2 or 3 power inputs, then at least three separate power circuits will be required to ensure that there is no single point of failure in the power circuit design for the cluster.

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