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Using SAM


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You can use SAM, the System Administration Manager, to do many of the HP-UX system administration tasks described in this manual (that is, tasks, such as configuring disks and filesystems, that are not specifically Serviceguard tasks).

To launch SAM, enter


on the command line. As of HP-UX 11i v3, SAM offers a Terminal User Interface (TUI) which also acts as a gateway to the web-based System Management Homepage (SMH).

  • To get to the SMH for any task area, highlight the task area in the SAM TUI and press w.

  • To go directly to the SMH from the command line, enter

    /usr/sbin/sam -w

For more information, see the HP-UX Systems Administrator’s Guide, posted at http://docs.hp.com (choose 11i v3 under Operating Environments, then choose System Administration), or use the Help on the System Management Homepage. For HP-UX 11i v2, navigate instead to 11i v2 and see Managing Systems and Workgroups.

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