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Managing Serviceguard Fifteenth Edition > Appendix E Software Upgrades

Guidelines for Rolling Upgrade


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You can normally do a rolling upgrade if:

  • You are not upgrading the nodes to a new version of HP-UX; or

  • You are upgrading to a new version of HP-UX, but using the update process (update-ux), rather than a cold install.

    update-ux supports many, but not all, upgrade paths. For more information, see the HP-UX Installation and Update Guide for the target version of HP-UX.

IMPORTANT: Do not proceed without reading and understanding the following points:
  • The above are general guidelines. The requirements for any particular Serviceguard release may be more restrictive. Rolling upgrade is supported only for the HP-UX/Serviceguard combinations listed in the Release Notes for the target version of Serviceguard. Make sure your cluster meets all specific requirements and limitations in those Release Notes, and all the general requirements and limitations in this Appendix, before you attempt a rolling upgrade.

  • A rolling upgrade cannot include a cold install of HP-UX on any node. A cold install will remove configuration information; for example, device file names (DSFs) are not guaranteed to remain the same after a cold install.

  • Until the upgrade is complete on all nodes, you cannot change the cluster configuration files, and you will not be able to use any of the features of the new Serviceguard release.

Read this entire section, including the “Example of a Rolling Upgrade ”, before you begin your upgrade.

You can perform a non-rolling upgrade (that is, an upgrade performed while the cluster is down) from any supported HP-UX/Serviceguard release to any supported HP-UX/Serviceguard release. See the support matrix at docs.hp.com -> High Availability -> Support Matrixes.

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