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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

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usermod — list of home directory names


/etc/default/usermod is an ASCII file that contains a list of home directory names.

The usermod command checks this configuration file before changing a user's home directory. If the user's old home directory is listed in /etc/default/usermod, the user's directories/files will be prevented from moving to a new home directory.

Each line in the file is of the form:

  • directory_name

consisting of entries similar to:


Only system administrators can modify this configuration file to add directory entries.

Each home directory is listed in the file by its absolute path name. Directory names exceeding PATH_MAX characters will be silently ignored by usermod.

The behavior of the usermod command is undefined if:

  • There are leading and trailing spaces in the line.

  • There are empty lines in the configuration file.

  • Symbolic links are specified instead of actual directories.

  • Relative paths are specified instead of actual directories.


usermod was developed by HP.



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