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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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units — conversion program


units [- file]


units converts quantities expressed in various standard scales to their equivalents in other scales. It works interactively as follows:

System Prompt

User Response

You have:


You want:


The system responds with two factors; one used if multiplying (preceded by *), the other if dividing (preceded by /):

* 2.540000e+00 / 3.937008e-01

After providing the conversion factors, units prompts for the next set of values. To terminate units, press the interrupt character as defined for your login.

A quantity is specified as a multiplicative combination of units optionally preceded by a numeric multiplier. Powers are indicated by suffixed positive integers, and division by the usual sign:

System Prompt

User Response

You have:

15 lbs force/in2

You want:


The system responds with:

* 1.020689e+00 / 9.797299e-01

units only does multiplicative scale changes; thus it can convert Kelvin to Rankine, but not Celsius to Fahrenheit. Most familiar units, abbreviations, and metric prefixes are recognized, together with a generous leavening of exotica and a few constants of nature including:


ratio of circumference to diameter


speed of light


charge on an electron


acceleration of gravity


same as g,


Avogadro's number,


pressure head per unit height of water,


astronomical unit.

Units must be provided in lowercase only. pound is not recognized as a unit of mass; lb is. Compound names are run together, (e.g., lightyear). British units that differ from their U.S. counterparts are prefixed thus: brgallon. For a complete list of units, examine the file:


An alternate unit database file can be specified for use with the - file option. units looks in this file rather than the default /usr/share/lib/unittab for the table of conversions. This must be in the same format as /usr/share/lib/unittab. This is useful in defining your own units and conversions.


The monetary exchange rates are out of date.



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