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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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umodem — XMODEM-protocol file transfer program


umodem [options] files ...

umodem -c


umodem is a file transfer program that incorporates the well-known XMODEM protocol used on CP/M systems and on the HP 110 portable computer.


umodem recognizes the following options and command-line arguments:


(one) Employ TERM II FTP 1.


Enable TERM FTP 3 (CP/M UG).


Enable 7-bit transfer mask.


Turn on ARPA Net flag.


Enter command mode.


Do not delete umodem.log before starting.


(ell) Turn on entry logging.


Allow overwriting of files.


Print all messages.


Receive file. Specify t for text, or b for binary.


Send file. Specify t for text, or b for binary.


Display file status only.


Name of file or files to be transferred.


When a binary file is transferred, the target file may have some extra bytes added at the end. This is due to the limitation of the underlying XMODEM protocol.


Receive a text file:

umodem -rt7 file

Receive a binary file:

umodem -rb file

Send a text file:

umodem -st7 file

Send a binary file:

umodem -sb file


umodem is in the public domain.

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