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Table of Contents

accept(2) - accept a connection on a socket
access(2) - determine accessibility of a file
acct(2) - enable or disable process accounting
acl(2) - set a file's Access Control List (ACL) information; JFS File Systems only
adjtime(2) - correct the time to synchronize the system clock
aio_cancel(2) - cancel an asynchronous I/O operation
aio_error(2) - return error status of an asynchronous I/O operation
aio_fsync(2) - force outstanding asynchronous operations on a file to the synchronized state
aio_read(2) - start an asynchronous read operation
aio_reap(2) - wait for multiple asynchronous I/O requests
aio_return(2) - return status of an asynchronous I/O operation
aio_suspend(2) - wait for an asynchronous I/O operation to complete
aio_write(2) - start asynchronous write operation
alarm(2) - set a process's alarm clock
audctl(2) - start or halt the auditing system and set or get audit files
audswitch(2) - suspend or resume auditing on the current process
audwrite(2) - write an audit record for a self-auditing process
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