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Table of Contents

acctresume(5) - suspend and resume accounting when available disk space reaches threshold — see acctsuspend(5)
acctsuspend(5) - suspend and resume accounting when available disk space reaches threshold
acl(5) - introduction to HFS access control lists (ACLs)
aclv(5) - introduction to JFS access control lists (ACLs)
aio(5) - POSIX asynchronous I/O facility
aio_iosize_max(5) - maximum size of any asynchronous I/O in an lio_listio(), aio_read(), or aio_write() call
aio_listio_max(5) - the maximum number of POSIX asynchronous I/O operations that can be specified in a listio() call
aio_max_ops(5) - maximum number of POSIX async I/O operations that can be queued at any time
aio_monitor_run_sec(5) - frequency of AIO thread pool monitor execution (in seconds)
aio_physmem_pct(5) - percentage of physical memory lockable for request call-back POSIX asynchronous I/O operations
aio_prio_delta_max(5) - greatest delta (slowdown factor) allowed in POSIX async IO request priorities
aio_proc_max(5) - maximum number of async I/O operations that can be queued by any process that uses aio_reap()
aio_proc_thread_pct(5) - percentage of all process threads allowed in AIO pool
aio_proc_threads(5) - maximum number of process threads allowed in AIO pool
aio_req_per_thread(5) - desirable ratio between number of pending AIO requests and servicing threads
aliases(5) - aliases file for sendmail
allocate_fs_swapmap(5) - determines when swapmap structures are allocated for filesystem swap
alwaysdump(5) - defines which classes of kernel memory pages are dumped when a kernel panic occurs
Aries(5) - emulate PA-RISC HP-UX applications on Itanium-based systems running HP-UX
ascii(5) - map of ASCII character set
Audio(5) - audio tools available through HP VUE (OBSOLETED)
audit(5) - introduction to HP-UX Auditing System
audit_memory_usage(5) - percentage of physical memory that can be used by audit subsystem
audit_track_paths(5) - enable/disable tracking of current and root directories for auditing subsystem
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