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Table of Contents

echo(1) - echo (print) arguments
ed(1) - line-oriented text editor
edit(1) - extended line-oriented text editor — see ex(1)
egrep(1) - search a file for a pattern — see grep(1)
elfdump(1) - dump information contained in object files.
elm(1) - process electronic mail through a screen-oriented interface
elmalias(1) - display and verify elm user and system aliases
emtui(1) - provide displaying options for HP-UX errors defined in the Common Error Repository (CER)
enable(1) - enable/disable LP printers
env(1) - set environment for command execution
eucset(1) - set and get code widths for ldterm
evmget(1) - retrieve stored events
evminfo(1) - provide information about EVM
evmpost(1) - post events to the EVM daemon
evmshow(1) - display an EVM event
evmsort(1) - sort events
evmwatch(1) - monitor EVM events
evweb(1) - provides an overview of evweb commands
evweb_eventviewer(1) - enables you to view and delete events
evweb_list(1) - lists different categories of events
evweb_subscribe(1) - enables you to view, create, modify, and delete event subscriptions
ex(1) - extended line-oriented text editor
expand(1) - expand tabs to spaces, and vice versa
expand_alias(1) - recursively expands the sendmail aliases
expr(1) - evaluate arguments as an expression
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