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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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orientation — the orientation of a stream


The orientation of a stream is a property of a FILE object that is handled as a input/output stream. It is useful when the input/output model assumes that characters are handled as wide-characters within an application and stored as multi-byte characters in files, and that all the wide-character input/output functions begin executing with the stream positioned at the boundary between two multi-byte characters.

After a stream is associated with a file, but before any operations are performed on the stream, the stream is without orientation. If a wide-character input or output function is applied to a stream without orientation, the stream becomes wide-oriented implicitly. Likewise, if a byte input or output operation is applied to a stream without orientation, the stream becomes byte-oriented implicitly. Only the fwide() function can alter the orientation of a stream explicitly when the stream is without orientation.

Just after a stream is associated with a pipe by the popen() function, the stream is byte-oriented.

After the stream becomes byte-oriented or wide-oriented, the orientation of a stream will be fixed and can not be changed until the stream is closed.

The following functions are wide-character input/output functions.

  • fgetwc(), fgetws(), fputwc(), fputws(), fwprintf(), fwscanf(), getwc(), getwchar(), putwc(), putwchar(), putws(), ungetwc(), vfwprintf(), wprintf(), wscanf().

The following functions are byte input/output functions.

  • fgetc(), fgets(), fprintf(), fputc(), fputs(), fread(), fscanf(), fwrite(), getc(), getchar(), getc_unlocked(), getchar_unlocked(), gets(), getw(), printf(), putc(), putchar(), putc_unlocked(), putchar_unlocked(), puts(), putw(), scanf(), ungetc(), vfprintf(), vprintf().


To read characters from a stream when the orientation of the stream is unknown :

int so; wchar_t ws[CHAR_NUM]; char s[CHAR_NUM]; so = fwide(stream, 0); /* Check the orientation */ if (so > 0) /* the stream is wide-oriented */ fgetws(ws, CHAR_NUM, stream); else if (so < 0) / * stream is byte-oriented */ fgets(s, CHAR_NUM, stream); else /* the stream is without orientation */ fprintf(stderr, "It is first time to access this file.");


If byte input/output functions are applied to a wide-oriented stream or wide-character input/output functions are applied to a byte-oriented stream, the behavior is undefined.


The functionality of the orientation of a stream was developed by HP and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

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