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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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notimeout, timeout, wtimeout — control blocking on input


#include <curses.h>

int notimeout(WINDOW *win, bool bf);

void timeout(int delay);

void wtimeout(WINDOW *win, int delay);


The notimeout() function specifies whether Timeout Mode or No Timeout Mode is in effect for the screen associated with the specified window. If bf is TRUE, this screen is set to No Timeout Mode. If bf is FALSE, this screen is set to Timeout Mode. The initial state is FALSE.

The timeout() and wtimeout() functions set blocking or non-blocking read for the current or specified window based on the value of delay:

delay < 0

One or more blocking reads (indefinite waits for input) are used.

delay = 0

One or more non-blocking reads are used. Any Curses input function will fail if every character of the requested string is not immediately available.

delay > 0

Any Curses input function blocks for delay milliseconds and fails if there is still no input.


Upon successful completion, the notimeout() function returns OK. Otherwise, it returns ERR.

The timeout() and wtimeout() functions do not return a value.


No errors are defined.


getch(3X), halfdelay(3X), nodelay(3X), curses_intro(3X), see Input Processing, <curses.h>, X/Open System Interface Definitions, Issue 4, Version 2 specification, Section 9.2, Parameters That Can Be Set.


First released in X/Open Curses, Issue 4.

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