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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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libcadmin — libc administration command




The libcadmin command is used to perform administrative functions for libc. Currently the only function that the command performs is to replace the shared 32-bit PA-RISC2.0 library in /usr/lib/libc.2 with the shared 32-bit PA-RISC1.1 version of that library.

There are no required arguments or options used with this command. The /usr/lib/libc.a archive library and the libc.sl symbolic link are unaffected by the libcadmin command.

During the system installation process, the shared 32-bit PA-RISC1.1 library is copied into /usr/lib/pa11_32. This library is the same as the PA-RISC2.0 library except that it was built with different compiler options. The PA-RISC2.0 library provides much higher performance than the PA-RISC1.1 library. However, if the system administrator desires to have the PA-RISC1.1 library installed instead, libcadmin allows the system administrator to accomplish this task. When libcadmin is executed, the PA-RISC2.0 library is stored in /usr/lib/pa20_32 and the PA-RISC1.1 library is copied into /usr/lib/libc.2.

It is recommended that the system be re-booted after executing the libcadmin command so that applications which are linked shared against libc will use the shared 32-bit PA-RISC1.1 version of that library.

Once the command is executed, the only way to put the PA-RISC2.0 library back in place is to re-install the operating system.

The libcadmin command can only be executed by a user with superuser privileges.


Multiple executions of the command will result in an error message indicating the PA-RISC1.1 library is already installed.

Executing this command on a PA-RISC1.1 machine will result in an error message indicating the PA-RISC1.1 library is already installed.


Upon successful completion, libcadmin returns zero (0). Otherwise a one (1) is returned.


Since HP stopped shipping the PA1.1 version of libc beginning with HP-UX 11i Version 2, this command is currently nonfunctional. libcadmin is planned for obsolescence at a future release.


libcadmin was developed by HP.

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