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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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inetsvcs.conf — configuration file for secure internet services


The internet services, ftp, rcp, remsh, rlogin and telnet, use the /etc/inetsvcs.conf configuration file to decide their behavior (i.e., whether to allow network authentication using Kerberos V5 or not). The contents of the file decide whether the secure internet services are to be enabled or not. This configuration file is updated by the program inetsvcs_sec. The default entry in the file is as follows:

kerberos false

With this entry, all the specified services show their traditional behavior (i.e., provide authentication by prompting for the user's password).

To enable secure internet services, the inetsvcs_sec program is used to update the configuration file with the following entry:

kerberos true


This file should not be updated manually. The services will not run if an invalid entry exists in this file. The program inetsvcs_sec must be used to update the configuration file.

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