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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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idlookup — identify the user of a particular TCP connection


idlookup host-or-ip-number local-port foreign-port


idlookup can be used to identify the user at the remote end of a TCP connection, assuming the host at the other end is running an Identification Server.

host-or-ip-number is the name of the host at the other end of the connection, or its IP address.

local-port and foreign-port are the port numbers, or service names of the ports at the two ends of the connection.


Note that the references to local-port and foreign-port follow the terminology in RFC931, and are from the point of view of the server rather than the user.


idlookup was originally written by Peter Eriksson. The manual page was originally written by Dave Sheild.


sendmail(1M), identd(1M), RFC931.

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