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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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getprivgrp — get special attributes for group


getprivgrp [-g|group_name]


getprivgrp lists the access privileges of privileged groups set by setprivgrp (see setprivgrp(1M)). If group_name is supplied, access privileges are listed for that group only. If the caller is not a member of group_name, no information is displayed. If -g is used, getprivgrp lists access privileges that have been granted to all groups. Otherwise, access privileges are listed for all privileged groups to which the caller belongs.

The super-user is a member of all groups. Access privileges include RTPRIO, RTSCHED, MLOCK, CHOWN, LOCKRDONLY, SETRUGID, FSSTHREAD, SPUCTL, PSET, MPCTL and SERIALIZE. See setprivgrp(1M) for descriptions of these privilege capabilities.


getprivgrp was developed by HP.

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