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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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geocustoms — configure system language on multi-language systems


geocustoms[-l locale]


The geocustoms command manages default selection of multiple languages installed on "ignited" (Instant Ignition) systems. In subsequent sessions, invoking the command /usr/sbin/geocustoms starts geocustoms. When invoked with no options, geocustoms runs interactively with a terminal interface.


-l locale

Non-interactively set the LANG parameter. To view all locales available on the system, run locale -a. If the locale argument is not a valid option for the system, an error message is issued and the terminal user interface (also known as TUI or UI) appears, as if the -l option were not used.

If the argument to the -l option is SET_NULL_LOCALE, locale parameters are set to NULL by default. A null locale causes programs to execute without using localized message catalogs, which can increase system performance. All HP-UX messages appear in English if the locale is set to NULL.

The geocustoms command must be invoked by a user with appropriate privilege.

If geocustoms is invoked directly by the user, it might be necessary to log out and login again for language changes to take effect.



Successful completion and/or clean exit from command.


Command unable to complete all objectives.


Standard Output

The non-interactive geocustoms command does not write to stdout.


To set the default system language non-interactively to German:

/usr/sbin/geocustoms -l de_DE.iso88591



The geocustoms command does not do the following:

  • Manage languages at the codeset level.

  • Manage keyboard selection.

  • Create or remove locale definitions.

  • Provide a special interface for restoring or adding languages to the system from depots or media.



The command itself.

System configuration files modified by geocustoms:




The geocustoms command was developed by HP.


POSIX.2, UNIX95 (SPEC1170 and XPG4).

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