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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

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DOSIF — DOS interchange format


The DOS Interchange Format (DOSIF) is the name given to the media format used by the DOS operating system. This format is based upon that used in IBM PC and PC AT and HP Vectra systems.

Use the dos2ux and ux2dos commands to convert files between HP-UX and DOS file formats; see dos2ux(1). Use these utilities to retrieve information from a DOSIF volume.

The dos*(1) utilities are the only HP-UX commands that can interact directly with the contents of a DOSIF volume. The only other way to interact with the contents of a DOSIF volume is to use an HP-UX DOS emulation or coprocessor facility such as SoftPC or the DOS Coprocessor. The mount command cannot be used on a DOSIF volume because the operating system does not recognize it (see mount(1M)).

When constructing file names for the dos*(1) commands, start with the HP-UX path name of the DOSIF volume, then add a colon (:), followed by the file name:




Note: This file naming convention is suitable for use only in arguments of the dos*(1) utilities. It does not constitute a legal path name for any other use in HP-UX applications.

Metacharacters *, ?, [, and ] can be used when specifying both HP-UX and DOS file names. These must be quoted when specifying a DOS file name, because file name expansion is performed by the DOS utilities, not by the shell. The dos*(1) utilities expand file names as described in regexp(5) in the PATTERN MATCHING NOTATION section.

By convention, if the HP-UX device name and a trailing colon are specified, but no file or directory name is provided (for example, /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0:), the root (/) of the DOS file system is assumed.


Example 1

Specify DOSIF file /dos/ivy accessed through HP-UX special file /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0:


Example 2

Specify DOSIF file /math accessed through the DOS volume stored as HP-UX file /home/mydir/driveC:




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