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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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disktab — disk description file


#include <disktab.h>


disktab is a simple database that describes disk geometries. Entries in disktab consist of a number of colon-separated fields. The first entry for each disk gives the names by which the disk is known, separated by vertical bar (|) characters.

This file is provided for backward compatibility with previous HP-UX releases only. Its use is discouraged.

The following list indicates the normal values stored for each disk entry. Sectors are of size DEV_BSIZE, defined in <sys/param.h>.

  • NameTypeDescription
    nsnumNumber of sectors per track
    ntnumNumber of tracks per cylinder
    ncnumTotal number of cylinders on the disk
    b0numBlock size (bytes)
    f0numFragment size (bytes)
    s0numSize of disk in sectors
    rmnumRevolution per minute


HP_7914: :132.1 MB:ns#16:nt#7:nc#1152:\ :s0#129024:b0#8192:f0#1024:\ :se#256:rm#3600:


disktab was developed by HP and the University of California, Berkeley.



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