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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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diag2 — interface for diagnostic logging and interface to processors


diag2 is used by hardware monitors and tools within the Support Tools Manager (STM), to interact with processor hardware via Processor Dependent Code (PDC). Without diag2, support tools for processors will not be able to operate.

diag2 is also the key component for the following support features:

I/O error logging Low priority machine check (LPMC) logging Memory error logging Pro-active memory page deallocation.

Without the above, information that could help prevent a system or peripheral failure will be lost. In addition, if a failure occurs, HP will not have the tools or data to diagnose the cause of the problem in a timely manner. This may cause increased downtime and possible future failures.


diag2 was developed by HP.






directory containing diagnostic device files


stm(1M) from the Support Tools Manager

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