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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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authck — check internal consistency of Authentication database


authck [-p] [-t] [-a] [-v]


The authck command only works for systems that have been converted to trusted mode.

authck checks both the overall structure and internal field consistency of all components of the Authentication database. It reports all problems it finds. Only users who have the superuser capability can run this command. When pwck is used with the -s option, authck is run with the -p option automatically.


authck recognizes the following options and tests:


Check the Protected Password database. The Protected Password database and /etc/passwd are checked for completeness such that neither contains entries not in the other. The cross references between the Protected Password database and /etc/passwd are checked to make sure that they agree. If a user does NOT exist in /etc/passwd but exists in the Protected Password database, then all inconsistencies are reported. Fields in the Protected Password database are then checked for reasonable values. For example, all time stamps of past events are checked to make sure that they have times less than the times returned by time(2).


Fields in the Terminal Control database are checked for reasonable values. All time stamps of past events are checked to make sure they have times less than those returned by time(2).


Shorthand equivalent of using the -p and -t options together in a single command.


Provide running diagnostics as the program proceeds. Produce warnings when unusual conditions are encountered that might not cause program errors in login, password and su programs.


HP-UX 11i Version 3 is the last release to support trusted systems functionality.



System password file


Protected Password database


Terminal Control database


System Defaults database



authck was developed by HP.

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