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The document printing date and part number indicate the document’s current edition. The printing date will change when a new edition is printed. Minor changes may be made at reprint without changing the printing date. The document part number will change when extensive changes are made. Document updates may be issued between editions to correct errors or document product changes. To ensure that you receive the updated or new editions, you should subscribe to the appropriate product support service. See your HP sales representative for details. You can find the latest version of this document on line at: http://www.docs.hp.com.

Manufacturing Part NumberSupported Operating SystemsEdition NumberPublication Date
5992–5881HP-UX 11i8December, 2008
5992–5373HP-UX 11i7October, 2008
5992-4754HP-UX 11i6September, 2008
5992-3929HP-UX 11i5March, 2008
5992-1725HP-UX 11i4September, 2007
5992-0547HP-UX 11i3June, 2007
5991-7993HP-UX 11i2February, 2007
5991-7532HP-UX 11i1January, 2007

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