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HP-UX Software Assistant Release Notes > Chapter 2 SWA Known Problems

SWA C.02.00 Release – October, 2008


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HP SIM 5.2 logs SWA inventory data within SIM memory. SIM can encounter performance issues and ultimately hang when the amount of logged data exceeds the amount of memory configured for the Java Virtual Machine. To work around this issue, select Tasks & Logs->View Task Results...-> from the HP SIM toolbar and delete all SWA Inventory tasks.

If SIM appears to hang when you select Tasks & Logs->View Task Results...->, it is possible to allocate additional memory to Java using the following procedure:

  1. Stop the SIM server.

    # /sbin/init.d/hpsim stop
  2. Edit /etc/opt/mx/config/globalsettings.props to include the following:

  3. Restart the SIM server.

    # /sbin/init.d/hpsim start

Once SIM has been restarted, the Task Results page should be accessible.

If the value of JVMMAXHEAP is not large enough, /var/opt/mx/logs/mxdomainmgr.0.log will contain a message similar to

15:41:33,147 ERROR [STDERR] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

If this is seen, further increase the value of JVMMAXHEAP and restart the server.

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