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HP-UX Software Assistant Release Notes > Chapter 2 SWA Known Problems

SWA C.02.11 Release – December, 2008


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SWA catalog downloads can fail when using the HTTPS protocol, which is the default. An error similar to the following might be displayed:

ERROR: Certificate issued to VeriSign Class 3 Secure Server CA was not signed by the same certificate as the certificate revocation list (CRL) "http://crl.verisign.com/RSASecureServer.crl", specified by the "crl_url" extended option. It may be necessary to disable the CRL checking with the "crl_check" option.

You can temporarily work around this issue by setting the crl_check extended option to false: -x crl_check=false.

For more information on SWA extended options and CRL checking, see the HP-UX Software Assistant Administration Guide available at http://www.docs.hp.com.

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