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HP-UX Software Assistant Release Notes > Chapter 1 SWA Important Changes

SWA January, 2007 Changes


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This section lists what is new for the HP-UX Software Assistant revision C.01.00, January, 2007.

  • Supported first release of SWA.

  • Supported on HP-UX 11i systems (11i v1 and 11i v2).

  • Allowed analysis of HP-UX 11.0 systems.

  • Provided a command line interface only.

  • Used as a client-side patch and security analysis/acquisition tool. It has ITRC Patch Assessment Tool and Security Patch Check capabilities with a few minor exceptions, namely, certificate revocation list (CRL) checking and patch set analysis.

  • Used to analyze a system (and some types of depots) for patch warnings, critical defects, security bulletins, missing Quality Pack patch bundle, and user-specified patches and patch chains.

  • Provided an HP-supplied catalog file to analyze a system and generate reports.

  • Optimized the automatic selection of patch dependencies, thereby minimizing system and patch dependency changes.

  • Produced the Action, Issue, and Detail Reports as well as a consolidated HTML report for you to see what issues are relevant to the software on the system or in the depot.

  • Provided the ability to download patches and build a Software Distributor (SD-UX) depot which will fix many of the issues in the report. You would also use SWA to see recommended additional actions in the report which you need to take care of manually.

  • Verified patch integrity automatically (using MD5 cryptographic hash) before unpacking downloaded patches.

  • Provided manpages for reference and sample commands:

    • swa(1M)

    • swa-report(1M)

    • swa-get(1M)

    • swa-step(1M)

    • swa-clean(1M)

  • Released only on the SWA web pages on the HP Software Depot at https://www.hp.com/go/swa.

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