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Ignite-UX Administration Guide: for HP-UX 11i > Chapter 12 Customizing Your Installation

Debugging Configuration Files


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Designing a configuration file to meet your needs can be a very tedious task. It usually requires a lot of trial and error. You will need to install systems to test your configuration files. The instl_dbg command is designed to help you with configuration file design and avoid wasting time attempting to install with invalid configuration files. With the instl_dbg command you can:

  • Parse a client's configuration files for syntax errors.

  • Display and set variables, software selections, and use models.

  • Detect errors that may occur during a client installation due to faulty configuration files, such as missing software depots/archives.

After you have developed a new configuration file, run the instl_dbg command from the Ignite-UX server to ensure that there are no errors in your configuration files. The instl_dbg command first scans for any syntax errors. Then, instl_dbg substitutes variables, use models, and software selections (sw_sel) with real values, and writes a single, unified configuration file if the -f option is specified. Now, you can use this file to install the client. Other options are available for more thorough checking or to provide more details. For more information, see instl_dbg(1M).


Enter the following command to debug a client configuration file named system1, print the debugged configuration file to stdout, and then save the debugged configuration file to a new file, system1_cfg.out:

instl_dbg -D /var/opt/ignite/clients/system1 -d \ -f system1_cfg.out

To debug this same client configuration file, system1, to show the effects upon the disk layout when the _hp_disk_layout and _hp_pri_swap values are changed, and then print the "very, very verbose" (-vvv) output to the console and to the system1_cfg.out file, you would enter the following command:

instl_dbg -D /var/opt/ignite/clients/system1 -d \ -V _hp_disk_layout="Whole disk (not LVM) with HFS" \ -V _hp_pri_swap=500MB -vvv -f system1_cfg.out

For more information, see instl_dbg(1M).

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