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Ignite-UX Administration Guide: for HP-UX 11i > Chapter 12 Customizing Your Installation

Avoid Archiving Patch Files


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When you install HP-UX patches from SD depots, the files that are patched are normally saved, in case you want to remove the patch at a later date. However, doing this takes up additional space in the /var directory, so you might want to turn this feature off.

In general, you can control this feature by using the following option of the swinstall command:


You can specify swinstall options in a configuration file using the sd_command_line keyword either at the global level or within individual sw_source clauses, depending on whether you want it specified for all installations or just for certain ones.

This option is specified in the /opt/ignite/data/Rel_release/hw_patches_cfg file. It is controlled by the configuration file variable hp_patch_save_files and can be modified from the Ignite-UX GUI using the Additional Configuration Controls dialog box. For more information see the section “Additional... Button”.

To specify this option at the global level (for example in the /var/opt/ignite/config.local file), you can add the following line:

sd_command_line += " -xpatch_save_files=false "

To default the variable controlling the operating system patches to “no”, add the following to config.local, which must be listed after hw_patches_cfg in the /var/opt/ignite/INDEX file:

init _hp_patch_save_files = "NO"

For more details, see the "Managing Patches" chapter in the Software Distributor Administration Guide and the Patch Management User Guide for HP-UX 11.x Systems.

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