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Ignite-UX Administration Guide: for HP-UX 11i

Chapter 11 Golden Images


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This chapter describes how to create and use your own common configurations using Ignite-UX. Topics include:

A golden image is a combination of a golden archive (an archive with files set to the newconfig state) and a configuration file describing a system’s disk layout and file system. A golden image is used as a common configuration to install systems. The compressed golden archive format can be tar, cpio, or pax. (To use the pax format with 11i v2, you must have the PAX_Enh™ product installed. The pax format is not available for 11i v1.)

Ignite-UX does not require the creation of golden images, but they are a very powerful tool for system administrators.

Golden images allow

  • Increased installation speed versus using swinstall, the command used by Ignite-UX when installing software from SD depots.

  • Exact replication of a customized system configuration to clients.

  • Mass deployment of a customized system configuration to clients.

  • Disaster recovery at the newconfig level.

This chapter assumes you are creating a golden image to be stored on the Ignite-UX server via the network. If you wish to create golden image media, see Chapter 14

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