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Ignite-UX Administration Guide: for HP-UX 11i > Chapter 1  Ignite-UX Overview

Supported Peripherals


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Disks and Other I/O

If a disk device is visible, it does not mean it is supported for installation. It is important to verify that the disk is supported by the system, the host bus adaptor (HBA), the firmware, the HP-UX release, and the volume manager to be used.

Computer system hardware documentation should be consulted for supported I/O configurations. See http://www.docs.hp.com for HP computer system hardware documentation.

VxVM support is provided for a specific set of devices. The list of supported devices should be consulted – see http://docs.hp.com/en/oshpux11iv3.html#VxFS. Look for the section Support Matrixes, and the document entitled Device Support Information for Veritas Products on HP-UX.

LVM supports all the devices HP-UX supports. See the HP-UX Supported Mass Storage Devices Matrix for a table of I/O devices supported for each version of HP-UX.


At times you might need new firmware to support a new device or HBA. Ensure that the client’s firmware supports the devices and HBAs to be used for boot and root. For example, after the HP9000 rp8400 system was first released, firmware changes enabled the system to boot from disks connected to Ultra 160 HBAs. Check the Installation and Update Guide for your HP-UX release, available at http://www.docs.hp.com, for instructions on finding firmware information.

Additionally, firmware support for Fibre Channel, tape devices, and LAN cards might vary. In some cases, devices are supported for data use, but device boot is not supported.

Disk Arrays

You can install disk arrays using HP-UX, but Ignite-UX does not directly support configuring an array. The disk array must be configured first; see your array documentation for configuration instructions. In some cases, system firmware may be used to set up disk arrays. The Ignite-UX install environment contains tools that are also used to help configure disk arrays. To use these tools in the install environment, you will need to use the expert recovery functionality to start an install environment shell. It might also be necessary to load files that are not normally included in the install environment by using the Ignite-UX loadfile command. When array configuration is complete, it is necessary to reboot the system in order to use the newly configured disk LUNs during install.

Client Terminals

The Ignite-UX client-side operating system installation tools support VT100 and Wyse 60 terminals, compatible terminal emulators, and all HP terminals. Additional information regarding how to navigate within the Ignite-UX GUI with the keyboard is found in Appendix E.

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