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HP-UX System Administrator's Guide: Security Management: HP-UX 11i Version 3 > Part I Protecting Systems

Chapter 2 Administering User and System Security


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  Table of Contents



Table of Contents

Managing User Access
Monitoring User Accounts
Monitoring Guest Accounts
Creating Application User Accounts
Managing Group Accounts
Authenticating Users During Login
Explanation of the Login Process
Checking the login Tracking Files (btmp and wtmp)
Checking Who Is Logged In
Authenticating Users with PAM
PAM Libraries
Systemwide Configuration Using /etc/pam.conf
Sample /etc/pam.conf File
The /etc/pam_user.conf User Configuration File
Examples: How PAM Works for Login
Managing Passwords
System Administrator Responsibilities
User Responsibilities
Criteria of a Good Password
Changing the /etc/passwd Password File
The /etc/shadow Shadow Password File
Eliminating Pseudo-Accounts and Protecting Key Subsystems in /etc/passwd
Secure Login with HP-UX Secure Shell
Securing Passwords Stored in NIS
Securing Passwords Stored in LDAP Directory Server
Defining System Security Attributes
Configuring Systemwide Attributes
Configuring Per-User Attributes
Troubleshooting the User Database
Handling setuid and setgid Programs
Why setuid and setgid Programs Can Be Risky
How IDs Are Set
Guidelines for Limiting Setuid Power
Preventing Stack Buffer Overflow Attacks
Protecting Unattended Terminals and Workstations
Controlling Access Using /etc/inittab and Run Levels
Protecting Terminal Device Files
Configuring the Screen Lock
Protecting Against System Access by Remote Devices
Controlling Access Using /etc/dialups and /etc/d_passwd
Securing Login Banners
Protecting the root Account
Monitoring root Account Access
Using the Restricted SMH Builder for Limited Superuser Access
Reviewing Superuser Access

This chapter addresses basic user security after the operating system is installed. It focuses on logins, passwords, and other user interactions with the system. The following topics are discussed:

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