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HP-UX 11i v3 Installation and Update Guide: HP Integrity Server Blades, HP Integrity Servers, and HP 9000 Servers > Appendix A Known Problems and Troubleshooting

Uninstalling HP-UX 11i v3


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If you cannot resolve problems after installing HP-UX 11i v3, then you may want to un-install it. The process depends upon the install process you followed:

  • If you previously created an operating system recovery image with either make_net_recovery or make_tape_recovery using Ignite-UX, boot the system from that media to return the OS and any archived applications to the previous release. Refer to the Ignite-UX Administration Guide available on the Instant Information DVD and on the HP Technical Documentation Web site:


  • If you do not use Ignite-UX or do not have a current operating system recovery image:

    • If your applications and data are on a separate disk from the OS, cold-install the previous OS. Doing this ensures a clean OS installation, removing all previous upgrade and patch information.

    • If applications, data, or both are on the same volume with the OS, boot from the previously-saved system recovery tape to return to a previous OS. These expert recovery processes are in the Ignite-UX Administration Guide.

To determine which applications are on the system and where they are located, use swlist. If you only need to remove applications or patches from the system, use swremove. Refer to the Software Distributor Administration Guide for details.

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