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Contacting JavaSoft

JavaSoft is the operating company of Sun Microsystems,Inc. that develops the Java Development Kit.

Technical Help

For download or installation help, please fill in the Download and Installation Feedback Form. If you have programming or other technical questions, please try getting technical help from the places mentioned at Assistance. JavaSoft does not provide free technical support.

Submitting Bugs

Please submit bugs and feature requests using the form Reporting Bugs.

Comments and Suggestions

You can send email to particular teams at JavaSoft that are listed on the web page: JavaSoft E-Mail Addresses. While we welcome your comments and suggestions on the development of the JDK, please do not use these team addresses to ask your personal programming and technical questions that need a response. We welcome questions about how we might improve the design of the JDK.

Send all other comments and suggestions to jdk-comments. We will review all comments, but will not be able to respond individually to all of them.

You can also find E-mail addresses at the bottom of web pages and in documentation that point you to the most appropriate person at JavaSoft. Please feel free to send comments and suggestions directly to those engineers.

Web and FTP Access

You can access JavaSoft by way of the World Wide Web or by FTP server:
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