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Allows the development of localizable applets. Enhancements include the display of UNICODE characters, a locale mechanism, localized message support, locale-sensitive date, time, time zone and number handling, collation services, character set converters, parameter formatting, and support for finding character/word/sentence boundaries.

NOTE: Internationalization uses enhancements to IO. See IO Enhancements for related information.

Acknowledgments: JavaSoft is grateful to Taligent, Inc. for providing most of the design and implementation work for the Internationalization APIs.

Internationalization Tutorial

Internationalization Font Properties

Internationalization Examples

Internationalization API Reference

NOTE - Do not directly call any API in: text.resource.* This package is not included in this list, because it is a temporary package.
We had to make them public to work around a problem in 1.1 that we will fix
in the next API-change release. The API and implementation in this package
will change, and some API will possibly be added and deleted.
Please treat these as if they were package-private.

Internationalization Tools

Internationalization Specification

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