JDK1.1 - AWT Enhancements

The AWT in JDK1.1 is targeted at providing major quality improvements while introducing the beginnings of a richer infrastructure for larger-scale GUI development. Although we are introducing enhancements and changes to the overall API, we will maintain backward compatibility with the 1.0 API so that existing applets will continue to run.

A number of the AWT changes and enhancements are aimed at the needs of tool developers. Good software tools are fundamental to the usability and success of Java technology. Additionally, the AWT in 1.1 will support the JavaBeans architecture. In fact, all AWT components in 1.1 are "simple" Java Beans.

The 1.1 AWT contains a wide range of improvements, including a complete rewrite of the Win32 implementation. This document, however, focuses on API changes:

Note that these APIs may be modified for the final release of the JDK1.1 as a result of more complete testing and feedback from real-world usage by Java developers. We will update these documents periodically to reflect such changes (see Recent Updates). To see our plans for the future, go to AWT: The Next Generation.

We welcome your feedback!

Recent Updates

The following modifications were made to the documents in response to the feedback we've received so far (many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to send us your feedback - it makes a difference!):

August 13, 1997

February 4, 1997

January 29, 1997

January 3, 1997

December 11, 1996

November 21, 1996

October 25, 1996

Many people contributed to the ideas and designs in these documents. In particular we'd like to recognize the following people (in alphabetical order): Tom Ball, Larry Cable, Amy Fowler, Jim Graham, Graham Hamilton, Herb Jellinek, Jonni Kanerva, Tim Prinzing, Blake Sullivan, Carl Quinn, Arthur Van Hoff.
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